This is for our quarterly print publications

Basic Guidelines

  • Include a 100 word author bio in 3rd person.
  • Include yr full name and any relevant social media
  • Send no more than 5 poems. These can be sent in one word document/PDF or in 5 separate ones.  Only send your work in a PDF if the form cannot be produced in a word doc otherwise please only send word docs.

What we are looking for...

We like the weird, dank,  unnatural and unexplored depths of the sea. We want to see all forms  of  experimental weird babies  including but not limited to  conceptual, visual, erasure, asemic,L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, flarf  etc.  Those poems that are more like innovative experiments and accidental art send it to us! Seriously... we love weird shit so send us your variety of poetry or...what you call poetry.  We would love to see experimental  forms in translation! We like poems about unique or bizarre subject matters. Or if your poem is about a common subject matter it better make us give an audible  "wow" otherwise don't submit it.   We want to see more  poems that are  bold, daring and dangerous. And those that blur the hell out of the line between poetry and any other genre.  Because we are nerds we  like weird well written  pop culture poems about movies, tv shows, music etc! ¬∑We also like poems full of emotions. We want to laugh. We want to cry. We want to  cheer. And we want to be blown away. But, while our favorites are experimental we're most definitely open to most/all forms and types of "normie" poetry too. But don't send us that normal "normie send us the weird normie because we want to see traditional poetry take chances too. 

Be sure to follow the general guidelines or your submission will not be read and will automatically be rejected