•  Please only submit 5 submission per submitter. This means you can submit up to 5 total works. Either in one document or in 5 separate ones. You may submit to both #thesideshow and our print issues similtanously so long as it adds up to 5.
  • We DO NOT accept work that has been previously published in print or online. However, if you published it on Facebook or a blog that's perfectly fine and cool with us.
  • Simultaneous submissions are cool with us too. Just let us know if your work has been published elsewhere.
  •  We DO NOT accept submissions via the mail.
  • Submit a short 3rd bio person  no longer than 100 words. Tell us all  about you or not. Whatever you want to include is fine. If you don't write it in 3rd person we will re-write it for you.
  • Five:2:ONE asks that any reprints give first publication credit.  FIVE:2:ONE holds First Serial rights and First North American Serial Rights
  • When you submit your works, please note that all work   must be final and checked for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Our response rate can be anywhere between 1 hr(when we are not busy) and 6 months. depending on the how many submissions we are getting.   If we do not get back to you after 3 months, please use our Contact Us form, it's the best way to get a hold of us.
  • Sometimes we like to load up on the submissions this means we might email you about being in a future issue of FIVE:2:ONE if we can't fit you in our current one.
WE TAKE SUBMISSIONS YEAR ROUND. Sometimes however we take breaks to catch up on subs.

*We will not accept any works that are racist, sexist or works that bash people's sexual orientation*

Thank you for your Tip and shine on you crazy  diamond !

We understand that reading fees blow big ol chunks! So, obviously this isn't a reading fee, buuuuuut we'd like to think of this as an extra "here you go" to keep us going. Alright then listen up, because we have decided to make one slot  for the tip jar for all categories we ask that you please let us know which platform your submission is for(#thesideshow or F2Oprint)  in your cover letter as well as  which category it fits in!

Here are some things to know before your submit in this here tip jar
  • there is no difference between the regular submissions and the tip jar submissions when we read them
  • Follow the general guidelines or your submission will still not be read under any circumstance.

This is for our quarterly print publications

Basic Guidelines

  • Include a 100 word author bio in 3rd person.
  • Include yr full name and any relevant social media
  • Send no more than 5 poems. These can be sent in one word document/PDF or in 5 separate ones.  Only send your work in a PDF if the form cannot be produced in a word doc otherwise please only send word docs.

What we are looking for...

We like the weird, dank,  unnatural and unexplored depths of the sea. We want to see all forms  of  experimental weird babies  including but not limited to  conceptual, visual, erasure, asemic,L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, flarf  etc.  Those poems that are more like innovative experiments and accidental art send it to us! Seriously... we love weird shit so send us your variety of poetry or...what you call poetry.  We would love to see experimental  forms in translation! We like poems about unique or bizarre subject matters. Or if your poem is about a common subject matter it better make us give an audible  "wow" otherwise don't submit it.   We want to see more  poems that are  bold, daring and dangerous. And those that blur the hell out of the line between poetry and any other genre.  Because we are nerds we  like weird well written  pop culture poems about movies, tv shows, music etc! ·We also like poems full of emotions. We want to laugh. We want to cry. We want to  cheer. And we want to be blown away. But, while our favorites are experimental we're most definitely open to most/all forms and types of "normie" poetry too. But don't send us that normal "normie send us the weird normie because we want to see traditional poetry take chances too. 

Be sure to follow the general guidelines or your submission will not be read and will automatically be rejected

This is for our quarterly print issues

  • Send up to 5 pieces of experimental or "normie" fiction 
  • 1,000-4,000 words
  • include full name and any relevant social media
  • include artist bio

We like fiction with a kick: experimental, surreal, bizzaro, hybrid, stream of consciousness, and non-linear stories. We want international fiction, stories from all over the world. We like unique voices and tales that are seldom told. Write about bizarre characters and settings? Yeah, submit that shit! Genre is definitely not an issue. We like all genres; in fact, we prefer genre bending fiction. What we really want are stories that are beyond the literary norm... but we also like those "normie" stories. We like stories that give us those many feels. We want to be wowed. Basically, what we're trying to say is, we like it all...

 Please send only up to 3 short stories

We are very much open to any subject but would love to see experimental non fiction that plays with what we know about non fiction or creative non fiction. But,  we are also   looking for pop-culture essays and articles about books, comicbooks/graphic novesl,  movies and music to post on our website for #thesideshow. We would love to see  personal stories rarely told,  that are directly from the heart.

Got experimental art/photography/comics that are dark & dastardly or quirky and funny?. Send it on over!  We  enjoy art that sticks out like a sore thumb and artists that are daring. If you got vibrant and happy art that  is different and unusual, we'll take a look. 

We like comics, drawings, photography and paintings.

We will now start posting art in #thesideshow.

1. Please submit up to 5 JPGs of your artwork.
2. Photography, drawings, comics  and paintings only please.
3. Submit all artwork in jpg format with at least 300 dpi.

This is for our daily online publication #thesideshow.

Send us up to 5  micropoems  with 120 words in each poem. We take pretty much anything in this category but our favorites still are experimental or unique voices. Be sure to follow the General Guidelines or your submission will not be read.

This is for our daily online publication #thesideshow.

Send up to 5 Flash-fiction pieces for #the­sideshow that are   1,000 words or less each.

We like quirky,bizarre,weird strange flash fiction stories.  Send us flash fiction that gives us chills. We want your weirdo babies!  Buuuut...we will also take a look at those that may be considered normal. We want flash fiction from across the globe!

Be sure to follow the general guidelines or your submission will not be read and will automatically be rejected.

We seek essays  about personal life struggles, humorous stories about strange and bizarre events .  We  would like to hear diverse voices in all sorts of situations. We want raw and honest. We want blatant truths  These micro essays can also contain photos  but are not necessarily photo essays. If you would like to send a photo essay send  them to our photo essay section.  What we don’t want is any kind of violence or hatred toward anybody at all.
The Fucking Funnies is the all new alternative/underground art section full of thought-provoking piss and vinegar and stuffed to the gills with gag panels, comic strips, one to two page comics, and art that give the god-damn finger to any and every establishment or idea there is to be skewered.

Please send 5 72(we may ask you for 300 later) dpi images.

FIVE:2:ONE & #thesideshow